I am an excited woman who is motivated to share with you tips, books, and ideas that lead to personal financial freedom and a stressed-free life

Based on the coaching, strategies, and techniques, I learned about personal finance I managed to pay off $30K in personal debt within two years!

I am on a five-year personal finance journey to become debt-free, leading to financial freedom.

Even though I am dealing with this substantial personal debt, I have learned that knowing and having a relationship with God has been the one key that gives peace and sustains me.

When I accomplish this, I know that I will need to establish a sustainable plan that will become part of my lifestyle. I need to do this to avoid temptations because there will be things I desire to have and do.

While seeking wisdom, I want to spend reasonably and know when enough is enough. I want to be trustworthy with the resources that God allows me to be a steward over.

I hope to empower you by:

  • Getting Rid of Personal Financial Debt,
  • Restoring, Repairing, & Rebuilding, Establishing Strong Personal Credit, and
  • Applying learned financial strategies, spiritual principles, encouraging quotes, and life experience to pay-off debt faster
Personal Finance
Personal Finance

Fun Facts

Positive Pearlie:   Even in the midst of personal struggles and storms, there is still hope.  I like some good, clean comedy!

Residence:  Lorton, Virginia

Hometown:  Lone Star, South Carolina

Favorite Bible Scriptures:  Matthew 6:33 & Psalm 27

Favorite Movies:  Imitation Life, Green Mile, Color Purple, Shawshank Redemption, Remember The Titans, Rosewood, Do Right Thing, Blade,  & The Great Debaters

Favorite TV Shows:  Downton Abbey, Call the Midwives, Professor T

Favorite Foods: Some Good Ole Fried Fish, Fresh Fruits, and Vegetables

Favorite Genres of Music:  Gospel & R&B

Favorite Singer:  Whitney Houston

Favorite Snacks:  Kettle Cooked Chips, Tender White Popcorn, Almond Joy, & Reese Peanut Butter Cups

Favorite Communities:  The Well-Groomed (Youth) & Seasoned (Elderly)!  In these communities, there is an abundance of resources.

  • Faith
  • Integrity
  • Determine
  • Financial Freedom